We created Parlor as a place for family and friends to enjoy. It comes as no surprise that our team focuses their free time on their kids and loved ones too. We welcome all people, all chosen family and all given friends.

Gold icon representing shuffleboards
Shuffleboard & More

We have two 14 foot shuffleboard tables. We have plenty of TVs for you to watch other games too.

Gold icon representing cold beer and spirts served at the Parlor
Cold Beer & Spirits

Twenty Taps, full bar and classic wine selections. Pepsi products and N/A options for the whole family as well.

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Detroit Style Pizza

Amazing, thick focaccia crust, just enough cheese and gourmet toppings. We dare you to eat three pieces.

Patio seating in warmer months, great sunshine through the garage doors in the winter.

The team behind your food

Jason Simon


I am a chef turned restaurant owner from Northeast Iowa. I really enjoy seeing a project like Parlor come together, just a pile of parts that we mold into a well-oiled machine. I enjoy coaching my team and making great food. I still cook at home for my wife and daughter who think that is awesome.

Josiah Milton

Head of Operations

I started out in the restaurant business at 15 as a busser working with a great group of people at Baratta's on the Southside. I joined up and became a Staff Sergeant and lived all over. When I moved home to Des Moines, I took up work at Alba in 2014 and have been connected with this group ever since. In my free time I'm usually working on my house and spending time with my wife Veronica and our growing family.

Jazzy Kaleiohi

Bar Mixologist

Jazzy Kaleiohi is from Kaua’i Hawai’i and she says “if you don’t know where that is, just know I am cooler than you. During my free time I focus on taking care of myself. I take myself out to eat, go to the gym, and make sure that I am well rested.” She’s only been in the restaurant for a year but so far she clearly knows how it gets done. Get more helpful tips on how to live life right by dining at the bar with Jazzy.

Hannah Tetmeyer

Bar Mixologist 

Hannah Tetmeyer enjoys the neighborhood feel of Beaverdale and has been working in the service industry since 2015 when she worked her summers at Glen Oaks Country Club. She still enjoys golfing with family and friends and spending time with her dog and boyfriend, possibly in that order. She can keep the place running smoothly, while polishing your glassware and telling you a joke while she holds the door open with her foot. Ask her for help with just about anything.

Philip Abad

Head Chef

Philip Abad is the perfect mix of form and function. He has a sensitive palate, a smart if dry wit, a piercing look that keeps the kitchen ship-shape and a desire to see you content at the end of your meal. Phil hails from the Twin Cities but calls Des Moines home. He came over from sister restaurant Eatery A and has been in the industry a decade. If you see him in the wild, shake his hand.

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